COSMO WENMANThere are moments in history when the glare of science fiction lights the horizon.
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A few experiments with 3D scanning:

Through A Scanner, Getty:

When The Getty Center first opened its doors in 1997, a local billionaire remarked that it was "too good for Los Angeles." Luckily, the J. Paul Getty Museum knows better. Nothing is too good for Los Angeles, and no works of art are too good for the people who admire them. [expand]

Through A Scanner, The Walking Man:
I spent several hours scanning sculptures at the Norton Simon Museum in Los Angeles in June 2012. I was very happy that their 1905 cast of Auguste Rodin's 1877 The Walking Man scanned the best: a seminal piece from a movement dedicated to seeing and expressing the world in new ways, with new eyes... [expand]

Through A Scanner, Anaheim:
In response to Thingiverse's "Capture Your Town" challenge I've captured several locations in Anaheim; "my town", broadly speaking, being Southern California. These are significant locations here, for horrible reasons: [expand]

Scan Requests:

I've published a quadruplet of "Scan Requests" for a few subjects I would like to remix together:

- Oscar Wilde's Tomb, a neo-Assyrian art deco alien angel, by Jacob Epstein, in Paris' Père Lachaise Cemetery

- Ninja, lead vocalist of Die Antwoord

- The Borghese Hermaphroditus, in the Louvre

- Yo-landi Vi$$er, of Die Antwoord

No one has helped me with these scans yet — I may have to get them myself.

Scan Prizes:

I've also announced a quadruplet of high stakes, $1 "Scan Prizes" for a few scans I would like to have, just on, uh, general principle:

- Richard Branson's magnificent beard

- Peter Diamandis

- Challenger Deep

- Asteroid Surface

I might be able to swing a couple of these myself. Two of them may be out of reach for all but a few people. *cough* James Cameron *cough*