COSMO WENMANThere are moments in history when the glare of science fiction lights the horizon.
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British Museum Scans and Prints Presented at the 2012 London 3D Print Show:
Portrait of Alexander the Great, -300 in Lost Bronze and Head of a horse of Selene in Epic Bronze.

In August 2012 I photographed a number of objects in the British Museum, including "Marble Portrait of Alexander the Great" , and "Head of a Horse of Selene". I used Autodesk's 123D Catch application to process my photographs into 3D wireframe models. I printed them on a MakerBot Replicator, and I metalized and patinaed them with Alternate Reality Patinas. Then I published the scans and design files into the public domain. [expand]

Bronze Head of Hypnos, God of Sleep:
3D print of Bronze Head of Hypnos, finished in Green Sleep, presented at Autodesk University, Las Vegas 2012.

There's something surreal about the whole scan/edit/print process that's hard to describe. Like a dream, it needs to be experienced to be appreciated. But if there are sculptures that resonate with and might be able to communicate some of that weirdness, the ancient bronze Head of Hypnos in the British Museum is one of them. [expand]

Cosmonaut Figures and Finishes:

My Cosmonaut figure in a variety of configurations from 3" to 10" tall, finished with Alternate Reality Patinas.

The Replication of Venus:

My Cosmonaut figure as Venus, on a Replicator, after Botticelli. Archetype meets Renaissance meets 1920s futurism meets bleeding-edge pop culture. She's getting closer and closer to stepping out into the real world.

Casting Metal Into Printed Molds:

Read my notes on casting metal directly into printed ABS molds here. I'll answer questions about the process in the comments there too, as well as in the YouTube video comments.


My Cosmonaut figure as the Purple One — speak not his name. +1 internetz for you if you can ID the voice-over.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living:

Shark, glass, silicone, plastic, 1.5% Red Bull solution, 30 x 15 x 20 cm. This original work is offered for sale directly from the artist's studio, and will be delivered to the buyer by the artist himself (pending helipad proximity). Serious inquiries only, please. (Even Damian Hirst's shark likes it!)

Collectible Art Collector Art Toys — Sexyboy Series:

The "Sexyboy" series of collectable art collector art toys celebrates the world's most prodigious collectors of fine art. I am producing an extremely limited run of hand-painted, signed originals (for serious inquiries, please contact Barrett White, at, but I'm sharing the printable .stl files for everyone to enjoy.

Download the files, print and paint them, then impress your friends. Make sure to sand the Steve Wynn Art Toy's elbows smooth. ("#Banksy is the @CosmoWenman of street art.") [expand]

MakerBot Replicator Robot Prototype:

Here's my first attempt at troubleshooting a slightly more complex object — an original "Botlet" robot designed by Christopher Romano. Chris sent me the figure's specs in .obj file format, with the figure broken down a couple ways: as a single solid/envelope, as a collection of major parts, and as a collection of major parts, each split in half so as to eliminate overhangs and create a flat surface as a base for each. [expand]

MakerBot Replicator First Run:

First run of my MakerBot Replicator, printing a default test object: the spiral box. I took this opportunity to explore the elements of the perfect YouTube video: an unnecessarily long 30-second intro before the action starts, cameras that are both shaky and blurry, and an overwrought electronica soundtrack. When I have a bit more time I'll plaster it with comment overlays. Enjoy!

Chris Dodd with AACS Encryption Key:

A crude little portrait of a crude little man — MPAA Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd, emblazoned with the 09F9 AACS encryption key. I created this object and published a torrent of it on The Pirate Bay as soon as those crazy bastards announced their "physibles" category on January 23, 2012. The torrent is here. Print it, and behold the visage of yesteryear.